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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bmag April 10th 2012 - Logies, Fuglies and Molkies

Why does this feel like a confession? I know you’re going to laugh at me. But I’m just going to spit it out and you can judge me accordingly! I enjoy watching the Logies. There, I’ve said it! I almost-certainly never know half the winners, but it takes me back to my teenage years when I watched a lot more television and lived for “TV’s night of nights”! Remember when Kylie Minogue won the Gold in 1988? I was 16, she was only three years older than me and suddenly up there with the likes of Graham Kennedy? At that moment, I was convinced it was the end of the world!

Now in my 40s, I will watch the Logies on Sunday night, hoping the teenagers of today are just as excited as I was. Just as I hold on to the tradition that is the Logies, I also enjoy the anti-Logies that have popped up in recent years.

There were the Fuglies, created in 2002 by social media marketer Anthony Dever, who would fly from Brisbane to Melbourne with a square of red carpet, stand outside the Logies venue and announce the online-voted winners to people walking past! The Fuglies ran for seven years and included awards such as Spunkiest Male on Australian Television and Most Spankable Female.

Last year, Brisbane-based TV blogger Steve Molk launched the Molkies, similar to the Fuglies but culminating in a sponsored gala awards night. The second annual Molkies were held on 31 March with categories such as Worst Product Placement (won by Coles for Masterchef), World Program or Series (Kyle and Jackie O’s Night With the Stars) and the Brown Molkie for the Person You Always Change Channels to Avoid (Kyle Sandilands). Accepting his 2012 Gold Molkie for the Person You Always Change Channels to Watch, Adam Hills described the Molkies as “the true gauge of quality in the Australian TV industry”!

But back to the Logies. I’m probably just pining for that teenage Logie Award excitement, but it’s 28 years since we had separate Logies for each of the states. And I miss those awards. In a moment, I’m going to ask you who would win Most Popular Male and Female on Queensland TV and Most Popular Queensland show in 2012. But first here’s a little Logies history, and why state-based awards won’t be brought back in a hurry.

The first Logie Awards, in 1959, were part of Channel Nine’s In Melbourne Tonight. No prizes for guessing which show won Best Program. In their second outing, the Logies had a Best Presenter for each network! That lasted just the one year. By 1961, the format and categories started to settle down and statebased Most Popular Male and Female Logies were introduced. Brian Tait and Nancy Knudsen were Queensland’s inaugural winners, along with Channel Seven’s The Late Show for Most Popular Queensland Show.

Other Most Popular Queensland Male and Female winners over the years included Jill and Dick McCann, Paul and Rhonda Sharratt, George Wallace jnr, Ron Caddee, Dina Heslop and for nine consecutive years, Jacki MacDonald. Theatre Royal, I’ve Got a Secret, Studio Nine and the Dick McCann Show were among the winners of Most Popular Queensland Show. Inevitably, the downscaling of local television production meant the Queensland Logies were taking on a newsy hue.

From 1980 until the last year of state-based Logies in 1984, Most Popular Queensland Show was won by a 6.30pm current affairs show, either Today Tonight (then on Nine) or State Affair (on Seven). When it came to Most Popular Male, the variety show performers of the ’60s and ’70s were pushed aside for the interviewers and newsreaders, including Paul Griffin, Glenn Taylor and Andrew Carroll. Jacki MacDonald just kept on winning Most Popular Female – from 1978 to 1984 – but then Jacki always was the exception. Who else could present Channel 0 News in Brisbane then fly to Melbourne to co-host Hey Hey It’s Saturday on Nine?! In 2012, there are news, lifestyle and children’s programs made here in Brisbane.

So, if state-based Logies were to be reinstated, who would win Most Popular Male and Most Popular Female? And what would be Most Popular Queensland Show? Email your votes to the email address below and I’ll report back in a couple of weeks. And no, you can’t vote for Jacki MacDonald!

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